Frequently Asked Questions

What are internally assessed standards?

Internally assessed standards are marked by your Te Kura teachers during the year and the results are updated with NZQA each month. You should regularly check your results during the year through your NZQA student login page.

What are externally assessed standards?

Te Kura offers personalised learning so we do not automatically register our students for any externally assessed standards. Externally assessed standards include:

End of year exams

NCEA and NZ Scholarship exams are timetabled and assessed by NZQA. They are sat at a secondary school in November/December.

You’ll need to contact a secondary school to ask permission to sit your exams there. We’ll email you some instructions on how to arrange this permission after you’ve submitted your registration.

Level 1 Digital Technologies Common Assessment Task (DCAT)

The DCAT for external standards 91886 and/or 91887 is sat mid-September at a Te Kura venue. If you register for the DCAT, we’ll email you further details. The final day to register for the DCAT is 26 July.

Level 1 Maths Common Assessment Task (MCAT)

The MCAT for external standard 91027 will be sat in mid-September at a Te Kura venue. If you register for the MCAT, we’ll email you further details. The final day to register for the MCAT is 26 July.

If you register for any of the other external standards in our MX1000 course, see ‘End of year exams’ above.

Portfolio submissions are available for:

  • Digital Technologies - levels 2 and 3
  • Design and Visual Communication – all levels
  • Technology – all levels
  • Visual Arts – all levels
  • NZ Scholarship – Digital Technologies, Music, Physical Education

Where do I sit my end of year exams?

Because Te Kura is not an exam centre school, you'll need permission from a secondary school in your local community to sit all your end of year exams there.

After you've submitted your online registration, you'll receive an email with instructions how to arrange permission with your chosen exam centre school. You'll need to ensure Te Kura receives confirmation of this permission before the deadline to ensure Te Kura can officially register you for your exams.

Your chosen exam centre school must offer all the exam sessions you wish to attend as you must sit all your end of year exams at one school. If your chosen school does not offer all your exam sessions, you'll need permission from a different secondary school. Contact us if this happens.

What do I need to get into my end of year exams?

Te Kura students must take photo ID to each end of year exam so if you do not have a photo ID (eg passport, driver's licence), organise this now.

Your Exam Admission slip will be posted to you at the end of year October. If you don't receive this by the beginning of November, please contact us and we'll send you a signed replacement.

You'll need to be at your exam centre school with both your photo ID and exam admission slip at least 20 minutes prior to the start of your exams.

Am I eligible to sit Scholarship exams?

NZ Scholarship standards are designed to extend very high achieving Level 3 students. Please talk with your subject teacher before you register for NZ Scholarship exams.

I was enrolled at another secondary school earlier this year. How does this affect my NCEA registration?

If you were previously enrolled at another secondary school this year, any internally assessed results awarded this year, and any externally assessed standards registration will have been withdrawn at NZQA.

Externally assessed standards

You must re-register with Te Kura by submitting your NCEA registration.

Internally assessed results

Te Kura will report this year’s internal results already gained through your previous school to NZQA.

What are Special Assessment Conditions?

Students with specific physical, medical, sensory or learning disabilities may be approved for special assessment conditions (SAC) for NCEA assessments. Jennifer Hardiman is the SAC contact at Te Kura: you can reach her on 0800 65 99 88 ext 8127 or by emailing

  • If you need SAC but haven't contacted Jennifer, please contact her as soon as possible.
  • If you have recently transferred from another school and have already been approved for SAC, please alert Jennifer immediately as your entitlement will need to be transferred from your previous school to Te Kura.
  • If you need SAC in order to sit your end of year exams, please contact Jennifer. If you have already advised Jennifer, there is no need to contact her again but you must provide your SAC details in your online NCEA registration.

You can find out more about SAC on our website

Where can I see my results?

Your internally assessed results will be updated weekly on your NZQA student login page. Regularly check your NZQA student login during the year to ensure your internal results and registration for any externally assessed standards are recorded correctly with NZQA.

  • All this year's results will become available in your Record of Achievement from mid-January next year. This includes any externally assessed results and the award of qualifications.
  • If you would like a paper copy of an awarded qualification and/or official copy of your Record of Achievement from next January, you'll need to order this by clicking ‘Order Documents'.
    1. Go to
    2. Click ‘login' under Students & Learners.